10 last minute tips for a Prosperous eCommerce Holiday Period

Christmas is upon us, and needless to say that Christmas is a magical period for sales. Here is a last minute tricks and tips that may help improve your customer loyalty, and gain more traffic over the Christmas and January period.

Christmas Period basic tricks and tips

1. Ensure you have an express post option for the late Christmas Purchases. On these special dates, many customers wait for the last minute to purchase their products wanting the gifts arrive fast.

2. Use social media to drive last minute traffic to your site - join conversations that are relevant to your clients. You are on the customer’s mind while providing them added value.

3. Logistics! Make sure goods will arrive on time and follow up with your customer for feedback. The customer loves to receive the product quickly. Plan and encourage customers to contact you directly with any issues. We all love knowing there is a person to help.

4. Exceptional Customer Experience, treat your clients like you wish to be treated from start to finish. The purchase should be simple, fast and pleasant.

5. Thank the Customer for their patronage and send "Holiday Cheer”. Here, words are unnecessary, as everyone wants to be treated with kindness.

The Boxing Day / January sales - Everyone loves a discount

1. Customer Invitations to sales offering a special discount. Your customers are mobile so think beyond email to sms, whatsapp, social media. Be creative and unique: send a vintage postcard.

2. Again, use Social Media to advertise your sales. Tweet a deal using a special promo code with a time limit, “lunch time special ending at 2pm”

3. Be Price Competitive. Remember we are talking about January here, and what makes this month special, apart from the smiles caused by brand new gifts, are sales. So don't hesitate to be lower than the competition or offer a “gift with purchase”. If you offer exceptional service, the customer will come back.

4. Always provide Exceptional Service. The wants a great experience not just product and deal. If you don’t do it the competition will.

5. Respond quickly and kindly to issues or bad reviews. Nobody likes criticism, however this is a great opportunity for improvement and customer learnings. If you respond quickly and kindly, the customer experience can only be improved.

The CodeSource team wish you all a very Merry Christmas and happy prosperous New Year.


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